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Once we decided to travel instead of settling in one place, we had many many many more discussions about WHERE to go! It has taken us a long time, but the itinerary is slowly shaping up. We will be spending approximately 4 months in South America, starting in Colombia then moving onto Ecuador. Depending on the pace of our travels we may make it as far as Bolivia. Some of the highlights will include the Galapogos, the Andes, and the Amazon.

After South America, we head to southern Africa. We will spend some time exploring Namibia, Mauritius, and South Africa. While the boys are very excited about seeing the wildlife of Africa, they are more excited about camping in a 4x4 truck with a roof top tent in Namibia! It should be quite the adventure exploring the desert landscape

and experiencing the various game parks. However, after several weeks of dirt roads and SAND EVERYWHERE, we will be happy to chill out on the tropical island of Mauritius before heading back to South Africa.

Moving on from Africa, we will be spending the summer in Portugal. John still knows some Portuguese from the time he spent in Brazil, so his linguistic skills will come in handy. Portugal has been on our radar for quite some time so we are looking forward to it. We are definitely excited to see the Azores as well (volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean). Portugal will hopefully be a nice setting to relax and to catch up on all the home-schooling that we will have neglected up until then!


From Portugal we will go to Western Asia. We plan to explore Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Considering we leave for Colombia in 2 weeks and have but 10 days of accommodation booked, we have loads of time before worrying about Armenia!

This is as far as we have planned at this point, but we hope to also make it to Nepal, Southeast Asia, and finish in France before coming home.

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