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Finn: Before we go

As an interesting exercise, my parents asked all of us to answer a few questions before we start our upcoming adventure. Here are my responses.

1. What three things am I most excited about on the trip:

What I am most exited about on our trip is snorkeling, trying new foods, and meeting a variety of different people.

2. Where am I most looking forward to visiting:

I have to say the place I'm looking forward to the most is Namibia because we are driving around Namibia in a camping truck for three weeks!!!

3. What am I most nervous about:

Probably the fact that there are a lot of different dangerous animals in the world.

4. What am I going to miss the most from home:

I'm going to miss my amazing friends that support me, my awesome school, and my LEGO collection.

5. What am I not going to miss from home:

I'm not going to miss the extremely cold weather here in Canada.

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