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Bogotá biking

Day 5, Jan. 7, 2018, Bogota :)

Today we rented bikes because every Sunday they close down the roads so you can bike & run without disturbance.

We took a taxi to the bike renting company store. I got a nice ocean blue/matte black bike that, in my opinion, was pretty cool!

Since biking was busy, it made biking exhilarating! The first 100 meters or so, we had to walk our bike through a mini-market because it was so chaotic!

We biked all the way to the Simon Bolivar park. the place was so big that I was lost right at the start!!! The grass there was so green that it looked liked Willy Wonka's chocolate factory "candy grass" at the start of the tour around the factory.

When we got back we nearly biked 20km.

For lunch we had crepes & ice cream. I had nutella & strawberry with a different "version" of chocolate ice cream. It was so good, it was mouth watering!

Partie Francais :)

Apres on a allez a notre "maison"et nos parents as dormis quand nous avons lirez.

Quand nous avons finir de lirez on a regardez une programme de television apellez les "Myth Busters".

That was how our 5th day on our travel's went! :)

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