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Bugs and Dogs

There were a lot of stray dogs in Villa de Leyva but not as many in Bogota. Although, we are not convinced they are all strays because they look well fed. When you are at a restaurant they come in and beg for food. I feel bad for them and want to feed them but my parents don't think it is a good idea, and I guess I agree {a bit}. My brothers and I have named all of the dogs we have seen.....Fluffy, Ruffy, Patty, Daisy, Barry, Woody, Jace, Crace, Chris, Billy, Kurt, Joe, Bob, Chase, Zilla, Snowy, Paddington, Mutan, Scruffy, Ralph, and Jasper {Finn's personal favourite}.

We have also encountered some interesting bugs ......beetles, a big spider, and a SCORPION! The scorpion was only about 2 inches long and was dead so it wasn't too scary. But we haven't encountered any mosquitoes yet. This is nothing, wait until we get to the Amazon Jungle!

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