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Coastal Cartagena

After Barichara we went to the scorching hot walled city of Cartagena (pronounced Car-ta-HEY-na).

We saw many tourist sites in Cartagena but we loved going to the beach. The waves at the beach were big! And yet, those monsters were the things we played in all day. I have to say that the waves were my favorite part at the beach.

The beach had lots of vendors trying to offer us beer, mango, massages, coke, food and even temporary tattoos. The mango there were so good, cheap and really sweet. They sold the mangos cut up in plastic cups with lime and some salt. I think it's extreme but they even put chili flakes on top. My brothers didn't like the lime & salt but personally I liked it that way.

The first day we went to the beach, the lifeguard there kept blowing his whistle for no apparent reason. The first few minutes we didn't care, but after a while it really started to get annoying! At one point he said for everyone to leave the beach because in Cartagena they close the beaches at 6:00 pm! The reason that they "try" to close the beaches at six o'clock is because last year several people died swimming at night. So, I can't really blame them for closing the beaches. :|

One day we stayed at the beach the entire day!!! And the funny thing is, it only felt like, say... two hours. At noon we got amazing chicken, pork and even beef that the vendors were selling for a ridiculously cheap price! It was delicious!

For the waves we rented a boogie board that worked really well considering it was so floppy! On one wave my dad pushed a bit too early, so the front end of my board went under the water. With a shudder I thought I was going to crash! Luckily my dad saw what was happening and quickly saved me with superhuman reflexes.

After my near death experience, my brothers and I had a contest to see who could "drizzle" the biggest pile of sand without using your hands to build it up. Of course Milo won, because he always does. :(

The next thing we did was go back to our house and have supper. I forget what we ate but I think the food was great.

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