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Medellin is a very nice city with a good climate. It is always warm and never too hot. We are here for 10 days. We are staying at an apartment in the El Poblado neighbourhood which is very nice. There is a pool and gym on the tenth floor and we go swimming everyday in the afternoon. The water temperature of the pool is extremely cold but my brothers and I don't care and we still go.

We did a graffiti tour through Communa 13 which used to be one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Colombia. It is now very safe to walk around. The graffiti art was colourful and interesting. We got to do real graffiti on a wall after the tour which was super fun! On the tour, we were treated to popsicles which were made by a lady who won a contest for the best popsicles in Medellin. My dad and I had passionfruit, my mom had coconut, and everyone else had mango with lime juice and salt.

In Medellin we also went salsa dancing and it was okay. There is a lot of foot work. The beat is 1,2,3, pause {4}, 5,6, 7, pause{8}. You go front and back, left and right, and open left and right.

The restaurants in Medellin have been good. Some of our favourites are Crepes and Waffles, OSEA, and 123 Wok. All of the restaurants serve really tasty fruit juices. My favourite is probably mora {blackberry}.

I am really enjoying Medellin.

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