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Har-deen Hike

After Medellin, we took a bus to a small city called Jardin ("har-deen"). There are jungle covered mountains all around the city. When we got up in the morning, the hostel owner made breakfast for us: eggs, toast, cheese, arepas, and a cup of Milo (hot chocolate drink).

After breakfast, we went on a hike outside of town. A dog joined us for the hike. We called him "odd-ball", or "OB" for short, because he had one ear that went straight up and one ear that flopped down. On the hike we saw banana plantations, coffee plantations, beautiful flowers, waterfalls, and some colourful birds.

When we finished the hike, we went to a restaurant called La Parilla. Me and my brothers shared a steak, and my parents had the plato del dia. After lunch, my mom and dad had a siesta while me and my brothers read.

Tomorrow my family wants to go paragliding. It might be scary or fun, and I might try it.

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