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Tortuga Bay

A day in the Galapagos (February 27, 2018) Today we got up and had breakfast. My dad said to me “eat, eat eat!” because I was not eating very fast and we planned on going to the beach called Tortuga Bay. After a long walk, we finally reached the beach. There were a lot of cacti along the way. My mom kept taking pictures of them. They only grow a few millimetres a year! The beach was filled with soft white sand. We saw a shark, lots of iguanas, finches and pelicans. The shark came really close to shore. The iguanas can also swim in the water. My brothers and I watched the pelicans catch fish for a long time and they looked so funny. There were so many finches flying around and they kept trying to get our food. We had a really good time at the beach, but it was an even longer walk home because it was too hot!

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