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Salty Sinkhole

My family visited the Laguna Cejar sinkholes when we were in San Pedro de Atacama. These three sinkholes are in a salt flat outside of San Pedro in the Atacama Desert, which is the driest place on earth. Two of them are being preserved, while one of the sinkholes is open to the public for swimming. Because the sinkholes are in a salt flat, they are filled with very salty water. In fact, there is so much salt in the water that you cannot sink! My dad even tried to jump in but was not able to get his head under water. The rocks around the sinkhole were really rough, and they were bright white because of the salt. The colour of the water was deep blue and the temperature was a bit cool, but enjoyable on a hot day. It looked very deep but we could not tell because we couldn't see the bottom . We all tried floating in different positions. When we were in the lagoon, the water pushed our legs up. After we got out of the pool and the water dried, we were all covered in a layer of salt on every surface of our bodies! Fortunately to our relief, there were showers.

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