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The Oryx

The oryx, also called the gemsbok, is the national animal of Namibia. It is part of the big antelope family. It has two long straight horns which measure up to 85 cm. Both females and males have horns. It has light brown over most of its body and white on its legs. The face is white with black markings. There is a black line along the spine and on the side of the belly. It has a long black tail. It lives in hot, dry areas and it can cope with lots of different temperatures. It eats long grasses. The oryx's predators include the lion, hyena, and the African wild dog. It can run up to 60km/hour. The oryx live in herds of about 15 but in the rainy season, the herd size can increase to 20.

Of all the antelopes in Namibia, the oryx is my favourite because I really like its horns. The horns are long and sharp and very impressive looking.

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