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The Dry Bridge Market

One of the most interesting parts of Tbilisi that we visited was the flea market. The flea market is also named the Dry Bridge Market. This is because the market started on a bridge over a river, but the river has now been turned into a road. The flea market began during the Soviet times as a way for locals to make a little extra money. The market operates every day, but it is busier on the weekends. When we went to the market, it was busy and there were lots of sellers. The sellers are organized into rows with small paths to walk between them. They lay out thin carpets to place all of their items on. There were many different items for sale. There was jewellery, copper figures, old swords, musical instruments, records, cutlery, pots, pottery, knives, and carpets with different designs. There were ever people selling phone parts, old cameras, medical equipment, and used screws. Many people go to the market to look for old Soviet items. Georgia only became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, so there are still many Soviet items around. There was Soviet paraphernalia such as watches, buttons, clothing, and bags. We bought a Soviet era leather bag from a man who was very nice. He said it was his fathers bag, and it has a Soviet stamp from 1936 on the inside of the flap. I enjoyed the Dry Bridge Flea Market because of all the different items. I especially liked seeing the knives, swords, and old Soviet items. If you ever visit Tbilisi, you should really check out this market.

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