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Look Out Below!

In Pokhara we did a really fun activity. We went paragliding! It seems to be quite popular here in Pokhara. We had a good experience in Colombia, so we decided to do it again. A van picked us up and drove us to the top of Sarangkot hill. It was steep but at least the road was paved. As we arrived at the take-off point, I could already see a lot of Pokhara below us. I was really eager to get flying! The instructions for take-off were to walk straight, then run as fast as I could. Next thing I knew, I was in the air! It was recommended that we go in the afternoon because this was a better time for good wind. Paragliding works by catching air thermals (columns of hot air) in the paraglider’s sails, allowing it to rise. To go higher, you go around in a slow circle, steadily climbing. This mimics how birds catch thermals. I had the best pilot. His name was Shri and he was so fun! From the air, I could actually see our house. At one point during our flight, a vulture came close to us. It was huge! It was so cool to be able to fly along side a bird. Also from the air, I had great views of the Himalayas. We were lucky to have a very clear day. There were about 50 paragliders in the air while we were flying. The flying felt so peaceful that I could’ve fallen asleep. Near the end of my flight, I asked if we could do some acrobatics. Shri did some adjustments of the steering ropes and we started to spiral. I thought we were going down to land, but we were staying in the same spot going round and round. Then we started to go faster and faster, until we were completely sideways! After all that excitement, we finally landed next to the lake. Mom and Milo came down early because they were feeling sick. Mom actually puked two times in the air. Milo got sick fast and did not like it at all. Otherwise, Finn, Dad, and I loved it!

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