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Wild Bako

One place that was very interesting when we went to Borneo was Bako National Park. Bako is the oldest national park in the province of Sarawak. It is fairly close to the city of Kuching. We took a taxi halfway to Bako, and then had to take a boat the rest of the way to the park. We stayed there for 3 nights. Bako is home to a lot of different and unique animals. In Bako, the most poisonous animal is the green pit viper. This snake can grow up to 30 inches. They are bright green with orange eyes.They camouflage very well because they are the same colour as the plants they live in. They have a triangular shaped head. They live alone in small plants by big trees. They can stay in a certain position for almost a month waiting for prey. We saw 4 green pit vipers, and one them was right behind our house. The first animal we saw in Bako was the Bearded pig. We saw one of them on the beach when we hopped off the boat. Bearded pig look like a huge pig with tusks and a beard. They are big and strong. They are greyish-brown with a little white on their shaggy beard. They have two main tusks and a big nose that they use for digging up dirt looking for food. Bearded pigs were always outside out cabin digging up the mud. The naughtiest animal in Bako was the Long-tailed macaque. These monkeys are small and fast. They are a pest and very good at stealing food. We had to be careful when eating meals, because they would come out of nowhere to steal food. I had my own experience with a macaque that stole my cake right off my plate! A young macaque jumped at my brother, Nico, who ended up throwing his water bottle. The Proboscis monkey is a funny looking monkey that is only found on the island of Borneo. There are about 270 of them in Bako. The Proboscis monkeys are known for their long noses, big bellies, and red penis with blue balls. They are a light brown and live in groups. They seem very relaxed and don’t bother people at all. I thought we had a very good time in Bako. I really enjoyed the animals, especially all the monkeys around the camp.

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